Twin Valleys Presbytery

Mission Statement

Twin Valleys Presbytery of the United Church of Canada is a Spirit-filled community that nurtures creation, others and ourselves through faith, love and action.


Jason Richards - Chair

Don Kindopp - Past Chair

Wanda Sorensen - Secretary

Shirley Crone - Treasurer

Allan Gairns - Executive Rep to Conference

Lynette Callfas - Pastoral Relations Co-Convenor

John Sellwood - Pastoral Relations Co-Convenor

Roy Bortolotto - Mission Convenor

Margaret Lukey - Nominations Convenor



Did you know?

Twin Valleys Presbytery is the amalgamation of Qu’Appelle Valley and Souris Valley presbyteries located in southeast Saskatchewan in September, 2000.

Qu’Appelle Valley

Twin Valleys Banner

Values: •Integrity •Justice •Compassion •Inclusiveness •Spirit- filled

Twin Valleys Presbytery will cease to exist on January 1, 2019. The last meeting of TVP was held November 23, 2018 in St. Paul’s United Church. Listen to the message “Links in a Chain “ by Jason Richards. It celebrates our links to our past and the promises of our involvement in the future.

Guests and presbyters after worship at the last TVP meeting.